Are Injured Borrowed Servants Limited to Workers Compensation Remedies?

Many North Carolina employers seek to reduce labor costs and minimize legal exposure by outsourcing labor procurement or using temporary labor agencies or leased workers. What happens when a leased or temporary worker is injured or killed on the job? Can the injured worker, or the estate of a deceased worker, make a negligence claim against the employer? Or is the claimant limited to a recovery under the workers’ compensation rules?

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“You Have Been Sued!” – Why You Can’t Ignore a Lawsuit

You have just been visited by a Deputy Sherriff. The Deputy hands you a packet of documents. The first document in the packet is a yellow sheet of paper with a heading that says it is a “Civil Summons.” The Civil Summons states, in bold letters, “You Have Been Sued!”

Or perhaps you received the packet from Federal Express or

a similar delivery service, or from the post office after it notified you that you had some certified mail to pick up. The packet, with the Civil Summons, means that a person or business has served a lawsuit on you that has been filed in one of our state courts. Now what?
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